Encouragement from a Veteran Homeschooler

Here are some thoughts from a veteran home school mom:

”These home schooling years pass so quickly.  My two children have been homeschooled all the way through and now we are into the high school years.  All too soon they will be graduating and leaving the nest.  Enjoy this precious time with your children.  Be sure to include lots of fun learning activities together.  We did mostly unit studies during the elementary school years and they have left us with so many wonderful memories – the digestive system that we made out of the park jungle gym with our co-op families, the Medieval Feast we served, the Jewish Passover meal we prepared, all the wonderful books we read snuggled together on the couch, etc.  That is what the children remember the most and will take with them as they begin their own families one day.  Having that wonderful history together in their younger years has nurtured a closeness that has continued on into these teen years.  Watching Mom learn things right along with them has given them the perspective that learning is a life-long process and is enjoyable.  Pray daily for your children and your homeschool and watch as God uses this time to do a marvelous work!”