Barfing Flies

I hate flies for many reasons, including the fact that they are annoying. But more than being a nuisance, flies are nasty creatures that poop and regurgitate on food.  

Yes! I am saying that flies deposit poop as well as vomit on the food they land on. They may not always poop on the food, but if the food is solid, they do vomit on it.

The vomit contains digestive chemicals that causes the chemicals in the food to start decomposing (breaking apart). The decomposed food can then dissolve in the liquid vomit.

Why all the vomiting? Flies do not have teeth to chew with. In fact, part of their mouthparts is a type of drinking tube called a proboscis. The picture compares a fly’s proboscis with a sponge. Both can soak up liquids.

After a fly has prepared its juicy meal by mixing vomit with the food, it then soaks up the juicy food with the end of its  proboscis. The absorbed food is then sucked through the proboscus into its body where it is further digested and the nourishing parts are absorbed by the body.

Did you know that a fly can taste your food by standing on it? Yes, flies have taste sensors on their feet. If they like the food, they –well you know the drill. They have to prepare the food so that it is juicy enough to be  sucked through their  proboscis.

Flies are always swarming around rotting foods. Must be like going to a buffet with all the different partially decomposed foods. These juicy delights are easily to slup and the germs in this food are not a problem to the fly.  

Not only do flies suck up germy foods,  but they get it on the bristles of their feet.  I wonder where th fly in the photo had its last meal? Looks like he is standing on a brown sugar treat prepared for someone—