Science Magic

Just like kids, I love magic, but I am never happy until I figure out how the trick is done. Equally as important, I don’t want to know the punch line in advance.

I like to try to figure out the trick that is behind the so called “magic.” I guess that is what makes science so exciting to me. It’s the never ceasing desire to explore and explain the magical mysteries of what is going on around us that keeps me challenged and very entertained.

As a teacher, I try to keep kids challenged. So instead of always giving answer to questions, I often answer with: “Let’s Find Out!”

Question: How can circles be magical?


Let’s Find Out!

Have you ever made Möbius strips? If not, then you and your kids are in for wonderful surprises.

Remember: It is most important that the results of magical activities comes as a SURPRISE. So, be sure and do not reveal how the curvy circles are made. In fact, make them at a time when your children will not observe the process.

For instructions on how to make the three curvy circles needed for this Science Magic Activity as well as instructions for presenting the magic show,

Click Here, and then Search for Möbius Strips.

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