Digestion: Teeth and Saliva

Kids too often do not properly chew their food. This page contains information about chewing and the part of digestion that occurs in your mouth.


Steps for Eating an apple:

  1. Using your front teeth (incisors) , you bite off a piece of the apple. Incisor teeth are thinner and sharper than other teeth.
  2. Once the food is in your mouth, you then chew it with your grinding teeth (molars). Molar teeth are wide with a rough surface on top. These teeth are in the back of your mouth and are used to grin food. No matter how much you chew food, chewing cannot break the chemicals in food apart.


Digestion is the breakdown of chemicals in food to forms the body can use.
Food Digestion starts in your mouth where saliva (spit) mixes with the food that you chew. It is important to chew your food well so that the saliva thoroughly mixes with the food.


Does saliva digest all kinds of food?

Discover For Yourself

Use small jars of differnt kinds of baby food, such a meats, fruits, and vegetables.
Disign your own technique for adding saliva to the food in each jar. One method might be place a spoon in your mouth so that its surface is covered with saliva, and then stir the food in one of the jars. Use a clean spoon for each test.
Please share your testing method and results. pictures would be wonderful.