FREE Singapore Math textbooks (in GWCHE Library)

Live Oak Classical School has donated their classroom sets of Singapore Math textbooks to GWCHE (they are updating their math curriculum). Live Oak’s gift includes:

—about 30 textbooks for each level 1A through 6B. There are also a couple K level.

—a few unused (consumable) workbooks. Most levels have 1 or 2, although there about a dozen for 1A/B.

—1 or 2 teacher/exams/extra workbooks for each level.

These books have been placed in the GWCHE Library, sorted by level, on the floor under the FREE table. If you are interested, please take what your family can use. GWCHE will hold these in the library until this fall at which time any leftover books will be passed on.

GWCHE Library Access Information

The 2010-2011 code to the GWCHE Library lock box is: 26273 and is for GWCHE members only.

This code will also be your teacher ID number which will be listed on the membership card you receive along with your directory.

The GWCHE Library is located in the Brookview Church of Christ at 3505 Colcord. The lock box is on the side door of the church.

Instructions for entering the library:

*Press “clear” (pull down)

*Enter code (26273)

*Press “open” while pulling the front of the box down

*Use attached key to unlock both outside door locks

*Take key with you to open the library door

*Please lock outside door behind you

*Go through first room to the hallway; GWCHE Library is first door on the right.

*Upon leaving, turn out lights, take key with you; lock library door and both outside door locks, and return the key to the lock box.