Spelling Bee Rules

Spelling Bee Parents, Students, Callers & Recorders:

Please take a few minutes to read the following rules and go over them with your spellers. Questions may be directed to spellingbee@gwche.org.


  • Students will be grouped by grade and seated in alphabetical order.
  • Callers will call out words in random order, not alphabetically.
  • Callers will say a word, use the word in a sentence, then repeat the word.
  • Callers/Recorders may choose to have a practice round with students before beginning the “official” rounds.
  • Once given a word to spell, students should say the word, spell the word, and repeat the word. If a student forgets this process, he/she may be reminded of the correct format, but he/she will not be penalized.
  • When a student begins spelling a word, he/she may self-correct, but once he/she has completed spelling the word and repeated it, he/she may not go back and change it.
  • Once a word has been attempted by one student, it will not be given to another student.
  • Spelling lists are cumulative; that is, while the students in each group will be asked to spell words from their grade list they can be held responsible for lower grade lists.
  • Students in the younger grades will not be notified if they misspell a word because it may be upsetting to some students. Remember…this is a non-elimination Spelling Bee.
  • Students in the older grades may discuss (and possibly vote on) whether or not they will be notified of misspelled words. The final decision is up to the caller for that grade.
  • Recorders will simply tally the results of words spelled correctly and incorrectly for each student in a group, and the student that spells the most words correctly will place first. Second and third place will follow accordingly.
  • In the case of a tie and/or if the graded word list has been exhausted, the caller will move to the next grade word list or the Bible Challenge list to determine 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.