Whole Family Study of the Chinese

Our study of the Chinese

When studying people it is important to see them in light of Christians’ love for the lost. We learned so much about the Chinese land and about them as people through the missionary stories.


Quick and Easy Chinese: 70 Everyday recipes by Nancie McDermott (egg foo yung, kung pau chicken, black bean chicken, green beans, almond cookies, beef with broccoli, egg drop soup, pot stickers, rice, honey spare ribs, noodles, green onion pancakes, pepper beef )

Other food: Veggie sushi Barefoot Contessa Parties, jasmine tea, bok choy

The Melting Post: Ethnic Cuisine in Texas by Institute of Texan Cultures (Chinese immigration to Texas)

Music recordings

Yellow River Piano Concerto: III. The Yellow River in Wrath China Philharmonic Orchestra, Long Yu, conductor; Lang Lang, piano; Chen Shasha, Chinese flute; Wu Yuxia, pipa

YouTube – Chinese music – traditional pipa solo by Liu Fang


Chinese Calligraphy made easy by Rebecca Yue (bamboo brushes, diluted food coloring ink, cardstock–favorite)

Make fireworks (with sugar and potassium nitrate from About.com chemistry tutor—favorite http://chemistry.about.com/od/demonstrationsexperiments/ss/smokebomb.htm)

Fly kites

Eat with chopsticks (kiddie adapter for 3 year old, older child teach younger children using instructions)

Study national geographic map of China

Hear stories from grandmother’s visit to China

Pray for and read newsletter from current missionaries to China

Look for China in the news (pirate’s captured cargo ships, Chinese bought windfarm in Texas for energy investment, bicycle transportation squeezed by increase in automobiles)

Play Hacky Sack

Put Chinese books we are reading in chronological order

Dictations (about what we learned as a family)

Books For the Littles and read alouds: Bears and Pandas by Leigh Pemperton, Count your way through China by Jim Haskins, Dim Sum for Everyone by Grace Lin, I Love You Like Crazy Cakes by Rose Lewis (adoption), Look What Came From China! by Miles Harvey, The children of China: An Artist’s Journeyby Song Nan Zhang (great art)

Books for young learners and independent readers and read alouds: Adventures of Marco Polo by Russell Freedman ,Asian Kites by Wayne Hosking, The Cricket in Times Square by George Selden (fiction, audio cassettes too; Chinese community in America), Lottie Moon: Giving Her All for China by Janet Benge (American missionary in post-civil war era) and Her Own Way: The Story of Lottie Moon by Helen Monsell, Panetti’s Origin of Everyday Things (“China” in the index—wheelbarrow, pasta, stimulants, nail polish, fireworks, chopsticks, ice-cream, etc.), The Silk Route: 7,000 miles of history by John Major, These Are my People about Gladys Aylward (English missionary to China), Eric Liddell—Scottish-Chinese missionary (pre-WWII), Genevive Foster books (what was going on in China at the same time as Western culture)

Books for mature readers and read alouds:

Eric Liddell—Scottish-Chinese missionary (pre-WWII)

Genevive Foster books (what was going on in China at the same time as Western culture)

Hong Kong by Wendy Murphy (useful to see modern photos)

The Chinese Have a Word for It : The Complete Guide to Chinese Thought and Culture by Boye De Mente

The Fortune Cookie Chronicles: Adventures in the World of Chinese Food by Jennifer 8 Lee

Tracking Marco Polo by Tim Severin

World Book Encyclopedia (“China”)

We did not get to: Hudson Taylor (autobiography, missionary), John Birch, Watchman Nee (Chinese pastor, writer), Jade, Make kite, The Small Woman: The True Story of Gladys Aylward of China by Alan Burgess, Play dominoes, Rick Steve’s article on Shanghai, or Books about Chinese immigration to United States.

Happy Homeschooling