History Fair 2012

Greetings all History Buffs!!!!! GWCHE will be having our annual History Fair on Thursday November 15th. Dayna Robinson will be around at the regular September meeting to sign up interested students.

historyThis activity will be a great way to showcase whatever type of history that one is learning for the school year such as American, World Cultures, Government, Economics, and/or Unit Studies. Your current curriculum should give you some great start-up ideas or certainly the library is a great place to begin.

This year’s history fair will be open to any topic and presentation—diorama, display board, research paper, etc. This non-judged event is about the enjoyment of the learning process and displaying the fruits of that learning.

To pursue competition, contact Dena Martin, Coordinator, Heart of Texas Regional History Fair, Baylor University, One Bear Place 97203, Waco, Texas 76798, 254-753-3251, http://www.baylor.edu/historyfair/.

If you have further questions call Dayna at 254-675-2262.

Looking forward to a great fair,