November meeting and History Fair

History Fair, Teachable Moments, Special Speaker, College Planning, Special Needs
General Meeting 6:00-8:00 Thursday, November 15, 2012
6:00 History Fair participants arrive and set up their displays; members arrive to sign-in, settle children in childcare and attend Break-out sessions, order Yearbook, ask New Homeschool questions, pick up directory….

6:30-7:00 History fair students will be available to talk about their projects while other students can look at projects and follow a scavenger-hunt type viewing and listening guide (viewing guide will be on the website the week of the meeting or at the meeting).
Break-out session for Highschool families: “Filling and Filing the FAFSA” .
Break-out session for Special Needs

7:00-7:15 Presentation of Participation Certificates

7:15-7:45: Speaker, Mr. Casey Eichhorn, Eeducator from Texas Ranger Museum and Q & A and Ranger object display

7:45-8:00: Reception; table with answers to veiwing guide

Contact Lisa at for childcare for ages 1-5 during meeting.