Caroling and Cocoa by Candlelight

Who: Middlers (can be dropped off, siblings welcome if parent stays, parents welcome)

What: Caroling, cocoa, and “White Elephant” gift exchange

carolersWhen: Thursday, December 20th, from 7pm to 9pm

Where: Home of the Vanhoozers at 1901 Ethel Ave., Waco, TX, 76707

Why: To enjoy being with equally yoked friends, to bless the Sanger Heights neighborhood with the gospel sung through music, and to be merry.

How: Dress according to the weather, since we will be carolling outside. Candles and song books will be provided, but it would improve the quality of singing if your family practiced Christian Christmas carols in the weeks before the party. Enjoy this homework assignment!

RSVP if attending: Phone the Vanhoozers 296-1901 or email Kari