Mayborn Museum Programming and Field trip

Need to get out of the house?

And learn about science?

Come with us….

We’ll participate in the Junior Scientists Tour at the Mayborn Museum on Thursday January 24, 2013 from 9:30 -11:30 am. Hurry to RSVP! The tour is for elementary ages, but there will be plenty of movement and hands on for preschoolers. We will spend time in 5 or 6 rooms learning about optics, health, water and bubbles, TV news, recycling, and simple machines.

The cost is $3 per child 18 mo to 12 yrs and $5 for each child/adult (13 to 64 yrs). Free for 0 to 18 mo.

If you have a Mayborn Membership, adults can get in at no charge; however, each child must pay the $3 program participant fee regardless of family membership. We will try to combine memberships so that all of our adults get in free if possible. Please bring cash, check or credit card to pay for your family. Each family will pay individually at arrival.

Host: Corrie Bell

Host contact info:, 855-8395

Click here and RSVP by January 21, 2013