‘Tis the season to study birds

It is cold outside, but cozy on your couch while you read to your children about the birds in your backyard. Warmly, Kari


An Egg is quiet
Owl Moon (family focus, great horned owl)
Counting is for the birds
The Bird Alphabet Book
First flight: A Mother Hummingbird’s story
It’s a hummingbird’s life
Bird songs: 250 North American Birds in Song (audio)
Pale Male: Citizen Hawk of New York City (red tailed hawk)
Birds build nests
The boy who drew birds: a story of John James Audubon
The Burgess Bird Book for children (personification of bird characters, bedtime read aloud)study companion
(These titles are linked to the public library, Baylor library, or Amazon)


The Great Backyard Bird Count (February 15-18, 2013) can be done at your home or in a park in 15 minutes or more.
Enter your ZIP code to get a tally sheet of species likely to be in your area. Even if you don’t participate in this project, the pages of species customized to your ZIP code are useful because it is linked with photos and facts.


Draw song birds that visit your backyard feeder. Help even your three-year old divide the bird into shapes he knows that come together to look like a bird! If your model flies away use a guide bookto fill in the missing details.
Download coloring pages from Cornell Labs.
Look at art replicas online of Audubon’s paintings of American birds, including blue jay, cardinal,Waco water birds (egretblue heron), etc.

Memory work (and handwriting)

Winter Birds
I can’t go visit a snowbird
-I don’t know where he stays.
I can’t go visit a chickadee
-He has such flitty ways.
I can’t go visit a blue jay
Atop a snowy tree,
And so I scatter seeds around
And have them visit ME.


First Flight: A mother Hummingbird’s Story
Nature: Pale Male