TexShare Card allows access to 9 county libraries

The TexShare Card is a library card that will allow you to borrow from libraries you cannot otherwise access in McLennan County. You apply for the card at your home library where you have been an active patron with a library card for at least six months.
The card allows the cardholder to check out 5 books from any of the libraries below for 2-3 weeks. The libraries where you borrow books will give you a list of requirements for use. You are the borrower responsible for returning the books to the library. Unlike interlibrary loan, the cardholder is the one borrowing directly from the library. You go to the library, like any other patron, and borrow up to five books and then take them back when finished.
We have enjoyed using it to check out books from the Baylor University Library. The following libraries participate in this program in McLennan County:
• McLennan Community College (Waco)
• Waco-McLennan County Library (Waco)
• Texas State Technical College-Waco (Elm Mott)
• Hewitt Public Library (Hewitt)
• McGinley Memorial Public Library (McGregor)
• Moody Community Library (Moody)
• West Public Library (West)
• Nancy Nail Memorial Library (Mart)
• Baylor University Library (Waco)

If you live in a county other than McLennan County, you may find out what libraries in your area participate at this link: https://www.tsl.state.tx.us/texshare/libsearch/#term.
Contributed by Beth Kilpatrick