MNO guideline reminders

Hi Y’all!
Sorry if this is too long and wordy, but you know me : D

I had a few things come to my attention that I felt I would share. One is if you RSVP to me !PLEASE! shoot me an email if you change your mind, or if you just can’t make it. Even if it is minutes before we are supposed to meet, it’s not going to hurt my feelings ; ) I check my email lots on MNO days. You see, some nights I have to arrange childcare because my hubby is at work. And, if no one shows up, I’m sitting there feeling dumb. Imagine if you arranged for your kids to be babysat, drove across town, dropped them off, then drove back across town to meet your friends, and no one showed up or bothered to call to tell you they can’t make it. Oops! That would be kinda sad right? So please, even if you don’t know me, but you RSVP’d, let me know as soon as you know you can’t come. I really appreciate the effort! 🙂

And that leads me to the other part…

Please remember that MNO is a special time for ~Just Moms~. Please find appropriate childcare for your sweet children.

~Nursing Babies Are Welcome~

I…even as the coordinator have had to miss a few MNO b/c I couldn’t find childcare. It was a bummer, but out of respect to the other moms wanting a night out without kids, I had to stay home.
I’m not getting on just one persons case. This is just a friendly reminder to all of us.
Ok that’s it… I hope you have a great day! See ya soon 🙂

Beth Golnick ~ MNO Coordinator