Discovery Boxes From the Mayborn Museum

Is homeschooling getting a little dull lately, would you like to supplement some excitement to your curriculum? I am happy to share that the Baylor Mayborn Museum Discovery Boxes are just what you need as embellishment. These thematic boxes are full of adventure and have numerous hands-on activities that can keep a one-room school house fully engaged. Not only will you be impressed with the content, you will be impressed with the way the Mayborn loans out these boxes. My four Strickland kiddos have been enjoying these boxes for years and have been academically advanced by the topics we have explored.

I recently found myself inside the large closet that stores all these enchanting boxes at the museum and was delighted to see the array of topics all in one room. There was a large stack of International Boxes that ranged from Japan to Africa to Mexico. Seeing the National Boxes on Pioneers and Native Americans warmed my heart, for they have been fondly used in our homeschool. On that particular day, I was looking for the Natural Science Boxes. Oh the decisions were enticing: Amphibians, Insects, Rainforest, Oceans, Rocks and Minerals, Space and Mammals. I was after the Dinosaurs box and was shocked to learn from the organizer that this topic came in two tubs.

Laura Case is the official coordinator of this remarkable educational resource at the museum. Not only does she keep these boxes organized with artifacts and guides full of info, she also keeps a large calendar on her desk to keep track of when boxes will be loaned out or when they should be coming back in. These educational resources are free of charge for a one week loan and can be scheduled through Laura, whose office is just behind the education desk. You can view the different boxes by clicking on this link: I have Laura as a permanent contact in my cell phone, she is available at 254-710-1049, leave her a message and she will get back to you.

As the CEO of the Strickland School, I find that my time is valuable and I must use every bit of it wisely so I enjoy the fact that I can make arrangements to pick up or drop off a box at a specific time. I can either do a quick transaction by parking in the bus lane to enter at the side door or I can come inside with the kids to enjoy a museum visit as I pickup/drop-off a box. We have used these boxes both as an independent thematic unit and as a supplement to a certain topic we were already learning about. We were recently learning about the exploration and establishment of Canada and so the Explorers box equipped with compasses, books, and hands on activities were a wonderful addition. Several years ago we started our year off with the Archeology box and used the activities to bury our first time capsule, a yearly tradition we have kept to this day.

I know firsthand that homeschooling sometimes needs fresh content to reignite a joy for learning. It is difficult to think outside of the trenches as we labor through the major subjects of academics. I cannot express enough the importance of feeding our student’s hunger for knowledge- no matter what age or stage they are in. Why not add depth to your history with the Civil Rights box or add a layer of understanding in biology with the different Health boxes? I take joy in empowering other CEO’s of the local homeschools to take advantage of the many topics offered and join me as a beneficiary to such treasures to be discovered.