High Schooler Air Soft War + 8th graders in May

This activity is also open to current 8th graders who would like to participate. We will provide drinks. Please bring a finger snack to share.

When: May 24, 2013, 1:00-4:00pm
Where: 1004 Beaver Street, Lacy Lakeview near TSTC
Who: 8th graders – 12th graders
Cost: None
Contact/RSVP: by May 23 to Jane Kemp, j.j.kemp@sbcglobal.net, 254-498-3079.
More details :

We are planning activities for all interests – an air-soft war out in the creek bed for those who are willing to get shot at, target shooting in the backyard for those who want to shoot but not get shot by air-shot bullets, and indoor games (board or Wii) for those who are not into guns but want to come socialize. If you have your own air-soft gun(s) (these are the guns that use the round plastic BBs) and air soft ammo , bring them because you will know how to shoot them well. If you have air-soft guns you would be willing to share, bring them as well since some folks may want to shoot but not have their own air-soft guns. If you don’t have your own air-soft guns, we have some to share with you. We will also provide extra air-soft ammo.

More details and directions will come later.

Image from http://www.nature.org