Senior Graduation Planning Meeting

Dear Parents of Seniors,

Russell and I admire you all for finishing the course. Some of you have graduated other children so you know what a sweet season this is.

We need to get together to plan the Graduation ceremony (if you want one) and any senior year activities your families might want to host. We also need to elect a coordinator(s) from the group that meets during the planning meeting and delegate duties.

Warmly, Kari

When: Thursday, September 26, 2013, 4:00pm-5:15pm
Where:  Fellowship Hall, Highland Baptist Church, 3014 Maple Ave., Waco, parking details here (use basement door by the elevator), map. The meeting room has been changed to Room 206, which is on the 2nd (3rd) floor via the elevator.  The doors by the elevator will be unlocked for entry.
Who: Parents of seniors graduating this year and their graduating students that might be interested (siblings are welcome to quietly attend).
Cost: meeting is free
Contact/RSVP: Russell and Kari Vanhoozer, 296-1901, RSVP:
More details: 
If you want to participate in a formal graduation or just have questions please come.