Free Teaching Typing Resources

Check out these free Teaching Typing Resources available via your internet connections. Two programs teach touch typing in easy-to-follow steps: Dance Mat Typing and Free Typing Games.

Dance Mat is produced by the BBC and has 12 lessons presented in a cartoon format using various talking animals with large, easy-to-read print. Each lesson can be done in a half hour or less. The link for it is:

Free Typing Games is more cluttered but also has more options. It includes typing lessons, typing tests and typing games; all of which keep track of your words per minute speed as well. The link for it is: There are ads surrounding this program that you will have to navigate so I wouldn’t leave kids alone with it until they have well learned the procedure for navigating the site.

I had my children learn the basic skills using Dance Mat then practice using the games in Free Typing Games. If you don’t have internet access at home, you could access these programs during a visit to your local public library.

Have fun while learning to let those fingers fly over the keyboard this year.