Early Admission for College (September)

Mike Kaufmann from Brazos Higher Education writes:
I just wanted to encourage you or your son/daughter to think about Applying for College Admission as early as possible.

By now most colleges will be accepting college admission information and begin the process of making decisions about who they will accept. Once you have been accepted, you can begin to think about your college housing arrangement. If you will be living on campus at the college, putting down a deposit and registering for housing early is important to ensure that you will have early selection in the type of dorm that you want to live in. As a quick reminder, you will need the following:

· Establish an account on Apply Texas at www.applytexas.org (if you are going to college in Texas) and complete your electronic submission for each college that you are considering.

· Review your TAKS, ACT/SAT test scores to determine whether you must take an entrance level (TSI) test to determine which math and English classes you will take in college. You can contact me of your high school counselor for more information on the Texas Success Initiative.

· Have your high school transcript sent to the college

· Send your ACT/SAT test scores to the college

· Get your meningitis vaccination and send a copy of your shot record to the college (review the college website for directions on where to send the information)

Within 3-4 weeks, you should receive some type of communication from the college about your admission status. If you have not been contacted, you should call the college and check on your status. Due to FERPA regulations, the college will not talk to mom or dad, the student will need to make these inquiries.