How a History Fair Project is Born

In our half-baked but wholehearted attempt to add a bit of Spanish to our homeschool, my five-year-old is always most intrigued with the page of  colorful flags from Spanish-speaking countries. While labeling los colores en our casa, she asks (en ingles) if she can paint some flags for the history fair.  Since we’ve also learned the countries of Central and South America this year,  I said, “Yes! That’s a great idea!”  …A topic is formed naturally, as fruit from our daily labors.

Hmmm…but Central and South America?  That’s a bit much for mommy and kinder to handle right about now.  I can foresee frustrations levels rising if we attempt both, so we focus in on Flags of South America.  …A comfortable and perfectly doable scope is established.  A title is developed.

We talk about how she wants it to look.  She says to have South America in the middle and the flags around it.  As she speaks, I am thinking of how we can integrate the right amount of copywork and maybe some sentence writing (if enthusiasm allows) so we can, at minimum, have our map firmly learned and neatly labeled. …Goals are established in line with larger homeschooling objectives. A format is decided.

Think of a history fair project as a vibrant shoot off the succulent plant that is your homeschool.

History Fair sign-ups will begin soon.