Update to Unique Learners and Special Needs Resource Page

Supper Club for autistic students, Gardening club, Boy Scouts, and a Bowling group area all available for students with disabilities to provide fellowship, opportunity and support.

The H.O.T.Austism Network has a monthly Supper Club, one is for kids 5yrs up to teens, that meets the First Monday of each month at Chili’s … and the other is for teens (13+) up through young adults (25ish), that meets the fourth Tuesday every month, locations vary. HOTAN is 254-733-8965. phone number for HOTAN is 254-733-8965. Email info is hotanwaco@gmail.com, we’re on Facebook, and website is www.hotautismnetwork.org.

Growing on the Spectrum, a gardening group led by Master Gardener Lynn DeMuynck, is a lot of fun. Lynn teaches us about all things green (recycling, growing, etc) and we take care of two plant beds at the WE CARE Community Garden downtown (at 4th & Jackson). Food harvested is donated to Caritas. We also have monthly meetings, do single-events like field trips to Mayborn, Symphony, etc on a non-scheduled basis! The President’s name (and person to contact) is Betsy Klesse, and the best phone number for HOTAN is 254-733-8965. Email info is hotanwaco@gmail.com, we’re on Facebook, and website is www.hotautismnetwork.org .

Boy Scout troop is for boys 11 and up, and if one is diagnosed with a disability you can join/remain a Boy Scout past the age of 18. We meet every other Thursday at 6:30. Their troop name is TroopABILITY (Troop #6008) and we have a Facebook page. Email is troopability@gmail.com, or call 214-766-326- (cellphone).

H.O.T. Kids Bowling group (on Facebook) is a weekly bowling group (not a league) for kids/youth/young adults who are specially labled. We meet at AMF’s Lake Air Lanes on Bosque Blvd right across from the HOT Fairgrounds. We meet at 6:30 every Thursday (and usually the kids who go to Boy Scouts on alternate weeks are at bowling!) For more info people can call Anita Karney at 214 766-3260 (cellphone).

For more resources for fellowship and therapy visit http://gwche.org/2013/03/14/special-needs-resources/