Middlers and High School Costume Scavenger Hunt

Once again we are combining forces!  After brainstorming we have decided to have a costume party, and go on a wild, clue sleuthing, mystery finding, scavenger hunt!  For 5th-12th grade, Middlers and High School!

When: Thursday, April 10, 4:00-8:00

Location:  31 Buttercup Circle,
Waco, TX, 76708

RSVP Please!!! highschoolsocial@gwche.org

Bring:  Finger foods to share

Dress up in a costume, of any type!  Super Hero, medieval, silly sun glasses, funky hat…  and wear your walking shoes, we are going on an adventure!  Scavenger/Mystery hunt…

Since it is a school/work night, we can’t have it end any later so we will start earlier.

Thank you,