So, What’s the Status of Testing?

Due to our lack of a coordinator or coordinating team, GWCHE will not be offering Stanford testing services this year.  However, there will be an opportunity for homeschoolers to participate in aged, group-administered testing in Waco this year. Below is information on some testing options that may suit your homeschool.

A great resource to help you make testing decisions for your homeschool is:  Also, both BJU and Abeka have great FAQ pages that can help, here and here.

Testing options this year:

a. Homeschool Testing Services (a service of Classical Conversations). New this year, GWCHE member and former GWCHE Testing Coordinator Carey Bourland will be organizing 3rd-12th grade Stanford testing open to all area homeschoolers. Families do not have to be members of a Classical Conversations community to test. Look for more information through the FYI Loop as it becomes available. For more info and updates, visit

b. Test at home using Bob Jones or Abeka. GWCHE has always used BJU Press, so returning testing families will already have an account set up. Parents must be certified to test at home and to certify, they must have a bachelor’s degree. Parent testers who have tested before must update their profile by January 31st. More info here:  Abeka also has the Stanford test available for testing at home (in addition to testing online).  It looks like you also need to apply to be an approved test administrator. Abeka information can be found here: http://www.abekatesting.orgPay attention to each company’s testing window and order tests according to their timeline.  

c. Test online. Options include using or Testing done online is for 3rd-12th grades and can be either Stanford or ITBS. Stanford, which is what GWCHE has used in the past, is an option through Abeka and Seton. Parents do not have to be certified to have their kids tested online.

d. Get together with other families and test with them. Any parent with a bachelor’s degree can certify through BJU and test other children along with their own in a group setting. Grades 1, 2, and 3 must test separately. Grades 4, 5, and 6 can test together with slightly different instructions in the listening sub-test. 7th and 8th can test together with slightly different instructions in the listening sub-test. Highschoolers can test together.  BJU also offers a test administrator directory as a way to find local testers who might be willing to offer test administrative services.

e. Don’t test.  It is not required in the state of Texas.

We hope the information provided here can help you find an option that suits your homeschool. Please note the January 31 deadline for parent testers who have tested before to update their profile at BJU Press.