Code of Conduct


Expected Behavior

  • All meetings/activities will begin with prayer.
  • In accordance with the Golden Rule (Matthew 7:12), children will respect and obey adults and show respect for others by word and action.
  • Both parents and children should dress modestly and appropriately.
  • There will be no public display of affection or courtship-type behavior at GWCHE functions.
  • Respectful titles such as “Mr.” and “Mrs.” are encouraged.
  • We, adults and children alike, will show honor and respect for others during meetings by:
    1. giving leaders and speakers our quiet interest and full attention.
    2. saving fellowship with others for afterwards.
    3. refraining from running inside any buildings, making unnecessary noise, climbing on furniture, playing with machinery or other property belonging to others. (Any damages incurred will be the responsibility of the parent.)

Discipline Guidelines

To deter repeated misbehavior on the part of children at GWCHE sponsored events, these guidelines are deemed necessary:

  • Correct the child in such a way that is not distracting or an embarrassment to others at the activity, leaving area if necessary.
  • Any parent witnessing misbehavior has a right to verbally correct and guide any child who is not complying with GWCHE regulations, provided the child’s parent is not nearby. When the parent is near, the witnessing adult should speak to the parent, giving him/her the opportunity to correct the child before proceeding to correct the child himself/herself.
  • Adults should report ongoing problems to the activity leader. When the activity leaders are unable to resolve any ongoing problems, they should consult with the Director of Activities. In turn, the coordinator will notify the Board of Directors.


Disciplinary Action

The GWCHE Board will take the following disciplinary actions when a child has been reported to the Board:

  • A male Board member will call the father (or mother, if father is not living at home) and tell him that his child has been reported. The parents are expected to correct the behavior at this point.
  • If a Board member has to call a second time, a warning letter will also be sent by the Board and the child not allowed to participate in any GWCHE functions for four weeks.
  • If the child is reported to the Board a third time, the child will be required to appear with a parent before the GWCHE Board before participating in further GWCHE functions.
  • If parents wish to appeal, the GWCHE Board will consider appeals on a case-by-case basis.