Member Ethics

As a member of GWCHE, I will….

  • Conduct my personal life and business affairs in a way that will not bring shame or reproach to the name of the Lord, of GWCHE or of its members. Rather, I will speak to bring glory and pleasure to our Lord and encourage others to do likewise. (1 Peter 1:14-15, 2:12, 4:11)
  • Regard relationship as more important than activity. I will earnestly adhere to my Christian duty to treat others with love and respect at all times. (John 13:35)
  • Respect and support GWCHE’s mission, purpose, by-laws, policies and guidelines, as well as GWCHE’s leadership as they endeavor to do the same. (Romans 13:1)
  • When I have sinned against another or a fellow member has sinned against me, I will follow the biblical mandate given in Matthew 5:23-24 and Matthew 18:15-17. (Psalm 139:23)