Membership Information

Thank you for your interest in Greater Waco Christian Home Educators (GWCHE)!  We are a volunteer Christian support group dedicated to helping families who have chosen to educate their children at home. Please read the About Us page for complete information about our organization.

The calendar year for GWCHE is August 1st to July 31st.

Non-members are invited to come and observe one meeting before joining GWCHE.  However, we ask that you join GWCHE if you plan to attend additional meetings.  Dues will remain at the low price of $25 in July ($35 beginning August 1), which allows you access to all GWCHE functions. There is not a reduced fee for joining later in the year.

Membership Benefits

  • Year-round social and academic events for homeschool children and families.
  • Support and encouragement at our general meetings and new homeschooler gatherings.
  • Access to our online forums to keep you connected to local, Christian homeschooling families.
  • Access to the Members Only section of this website.
  • Invitation to our Facebook groups.
  • A complimentary table to sell items at our annual Used Curriculum Sale.
  • Invitation to educational field trips scheduled throughout the school year.
  • Opportunities to participate in academic activities such as the Spelling Bee, History Fair, Science Fair, and Stanford academic testing.
  • Every family can print a GWCHE membership card. The GWCHE group number on the card may be used for a membership discount in Texas Home School Coalition ( and Home School Legal Defense Association ( You may also use your card at some local stores for teacher discounts on classroom items.

Membership Types

    • Membership: $35/year
      For families of a homeschooling couple or single parent and the children. There is a discount for joining before August 1 each year.
    • Early registration: $25/year from July 1 through July 31 of each year.
    • Alumni Membership: For GWCHE Alumni families whose children have graduated but would still like to have access to the GWCHE website, forums, and to share ideas and wisdom with other families.
    • Coordinator Membership: This is available for any member who has committed to coordinate something within GWCHE for the 2017-18 school year.  This option must be indicated when submitting the application, as refunds cannot be given later in the year.
    • Board Membership: Free
    • Widow/Widower Membership: Free
    • Missionary Membership:
      Homeschooling missionaries in the Waco area on furlough can apply for up to one year of free GWCHE membership. Contact the GWCHE secretary.