Campbell’s Labels for Education

Bring your labels to the next general meeting.

1) FREE STUFF FOR GWCHE! The Labels for Education program is a great way to get FREE merchandise for the GWCHE library and it’s even better this year. Campbell’s has made it easier for GWCHE to reach our collection goals with over 150 products now worth 5 points! Also, as of 2006, they no longer request labels, but UPC bar codes instead. It’s best to clip the UPC label along with the small Campbell’s logo that appears next to it, which identifies it as a valid label and helps identify its worth as a 1 point or 5 point label. Visit the Campbells web site for more details and for a complete list of eligible items.

2) We have 1,935 points banked! To meet our goals, we need to collect 5,000 more points. With your help, GWCHE can make this year the best ever! Participating in the program is easy – simply save proofs of purchase from participating Campbell products and bring them to the next GWCHE General Meeting! Some of the products eligible for redemption in the program include: Campbell’s® soups; SpaghettiOs® pasta; Campbell’s® beans, gravies, and canned pasta; Prego® pasta sauces; Swanson® broths and canned poultry; Campbell’s® tomato juice; Pepperidge Farm® breads, cookies, crackers, and frozen products; Campbell’s® Foodservice products. The following products are worth 5 points: 26 varieties of condensed soup in specially marked cans; all Campbell’s® Microwaveable Soups; all Campbell’s ® Supper Bakes® Meal Kits; all V8 Splash® Beverages (save the plastic lid, not the UPC); and all Pepperidge Farm® Goldfish® crackers.

3) Help multiply our efforts by asking your friends and family to collect proofs of purchase on behalf of our home school community. Just direct them to the website to download a list of eligible products or email the list to them yourself.

4) Recipes to help GWCHE – You can visit for 20 minute recipe ideas and tips on cooking with Campbell products. Remember to collect the labels for GWCHE when you cook!

If you have any questions, or would like to help with our Labels for Education collection drive, please contact Campbell’s Soup Labels Coordinator at