Traveling Trunks

Several organizations in our community have boxes of objects, books, and lesson plans to help you teach your students, even at home or co-op.

Discovery Boxes from the Mayborn Museum
Focus on science. Here is a list of topics.

HWF Traveling Trunks
Historic Waco Foundation has received a grant from the Texas Historical Foundation that will help HWF develop Traveling Trunks for local students. These trunks provide educators with lesson plans, activities, PowerPoints, primary sources, pictures, and hands on objects that make local history fun! To reserve a trunk or receive more information call 254-753-5166 or email Eryn Shaffer
Trunks Available:
Settling Waco
Heading West: Life on the Trail
Texas and the Civil War
Living Spaces by Design
Holidays in Central Texas
The President Visits Waco

Texas Wildlife Association
The Texas Wildlife Resources are available for homeschools; the flyer (linked in the name) provides a basic overview of the programs. Wildlife by Design presentations are not offered in our area at this time.
The top three program suggestions for homeschool groups are:

  • Distance Learning – On-demand Webinars
  • Critter Connections mini-magazine
  • Discovery Trunks

In order to reserve a trunk, you must register your homeschool as a school (for example “(your last name) School”. The organization will ship and pick up the trunks using FedEx at no cost to you. They ship several days before your reservation and pick up the Tuesday after. When a homeschool checks out a trunk, TWA asks that you share with others in your co-op and with other organizations your children may be involved with, as they would like to maximize the number of students utilizing the trunk over the 2-week reservation period. They prefer use by 40 or more stduents during the 2-week reservation. The Discovery Trunks schedule fills quickly (Trunks are now available for the fall semester). Visit the reservation site to view their availability. The boxes are also available through the summer; that schedule is posted in May. Thanks to GWCHE mom Kim Olmstead for gathering this information.