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Field Trips

GWCHE Spring 2017 Fire Station Field Trip

Join us for an educational tour of the Fire Station.  The … [More]

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2016 Graduation

This event has passed. Congratulations, Graduates! … [More]

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So, What’s the Status of Testing?

Due to our lack of a coordinator or coordinating team, GWCHE … [More]

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Splash Bash

Splash Bash: Full

This event has passed. What a great response! Splash Bash is … [More]

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History Fair

History Fair on Tuesday!

This event has passed. Just a reminder that the 2016 GWCHE … [More]

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Science Fair

GWCHE Science Fair Tonight

This event has passed. Hello Everyone! The 2017 GWCHE … [More]

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Arts Festival

2017 Arts Fest Participant List

Below is a list of students signed up to participate in the … [More]

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Spelling Bee

2017 Spelling Bee

Please join us for a non-elimination Spelling Bee for grades … [More]

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Field Day

Thanks, Field Day Helpers!

Field Day 2016 was a huge success!  Field Day is never a one … [More]

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End-of-Year Picnic

End of Year Picnic/Promotion – Volunteers needed

GWCHE is looking for volunteers to help coordinate the End … [More]

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Park Day

Middler Activity in March

Middlers Park Hangout at Woodway Park on Lake Waco Come … [More]

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Elementary Play Group

Christmas Party

This event has passed. Let the little ones join in this … [More]

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Middler Activity in March

Middlers Park Hangout at Woodway Park on Lake Waco Come … [More]

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High School Activities

March Highscoolers Event

Highschool group is getting together for The Great Escape! … [More]

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Valentine’s Day Party

Valentine Party!

This event has passed. Due to our lack of a coordinator, … [More]

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For Parents

Used Curriculum Sale

You’ll Want to Know These 7 Book Sale Tips!

Today is the day, shoppers! Here are some tips to help you … [More]

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General Meetings

GWCHE 2017 Arts Festival

The GWCHE Arts Festival is coming up on Tuesday, February … [More]

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Fund Raisers

Box Tops Collection

It's time to gather up all your box tops!   … [More]

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Mom’s Night Out

Mom’s Night Out- November

This event has passed. Mom's are getting together again in … [More]

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Special Needs and Unique Learners

Postponed! Special Needs and Unique Learners Support Meeting

Special Needs and Unique Learners Support Meeting will be … [More]

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Meal Ministry

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Member Support Series

Join Us for Musical Moments!

This event has passed. Today (Friday) is the deadline to … [More]


Upcoming events and dates

Lots going on this spring with GWCHE! Last day to … [More]

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Last call for membership renewals

This deadline has passed. FINAL CALL for Membership Renewal … [More]

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It Worked For Me!

It Worked For Me: THSC Capitol Days

THSC Capitol Days Submitted by Kari Vanhoozer Capitol … [More]

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Help for College


In anticipation of GWCHE's upcoming October meeting, … [More]

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Highland Appreciation

Take a Moment to Thank Highland With a Note

Has your family participated in a GWCHE event that has taken … [More]

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Ask Janice

Ask Janice VanCleave your Science questions

To All GWCHE Families: I would like to work with you to … [More]

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